Bottleneck, critical path-Ulhas Pujari
Bottleneck, critical path-Ulhas Pujari

Don’t get bog down by these words .. like Cycle time, bottleneck or critical path, these are very simple to understand …

Cycle time is the time after which a new job comes out of the production line. Simply if I stand at the end of the line and start catching product, if I catch 10 jobs in one hour simply the cycle time becomes 6 minutes. This of course includes loading and unloading time also.
Cycle time is the total time by machine for producing one job from loading to unloading.

If there are machines in sequence and are jobs are produced sequentially then we need to see the  machine with highest cycle time becomes bottleneck machine and the line or path in which such bottleneck machine is located becomes the critical path.

Understand the crux of the these terms and then you can the details on google any time.

Ulhas Pujari