Don’t get bog down by these words.. like MTTR and MTBF. These are very simple to understand …
These are the terms used basically by maintenance team in your organization and basically shows the performance of machines and in turn of the maintenance team.
MTTR: Mean Time To Repair: This is a simple average of the time taken for repairing machines. Like in a month if there are five breakdowns and maintenance team in all took 10 hours for repairing the same (ie machines were down for total 10 hours ) then MTTR is = 10/5= 2 Hours.
MTTR must be as low as possible.

MTTR, MTBF- Ulhas Pujari
MTTR, MTBF- Ulhas Pujari

MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures: This is the time between two failures ie during this time machines were up and running. Suppose in a month there are 5 breakdowns. Suppose total working hours available in a month were = 10 machines X 2 shift working (16 hours) X 25 days working = 10X16X25= 4000 Hours were available for production. In this, there were 5 breakdowns so the MTBF becomes = 4000/5=800 hours. This means machines are on average put together are running for 800 hours before next failure.
In next blog, I’ll explain how to improve upon MTTR and MTBF. One thing is sure that MTTR must be as low as possible and MTBF must be as high as possible..
See how simple it is…

Ulhas Pujari