Don’t get bog down by these words, like SMED. These are very simple to understand.

SMED is nothing but Single Minute Exchange of Die.

SMED-Ulhas Pujari
SMED-Ulhas Pujari

Although it is saying an exchange of dying it is applicable to all setup changes in a machining set up.

As you know set up change is a non-value-added activity and causes significant production loss on a line. SMED helps in faster set up changes and thus reducing production losses.

Now let us see what SMED means, it simply indicates the setup changes must be done as quickly as possible and try to do it in few minutes and target should be one minute only.

Now  you must understand the steps in any setup change are basically divided into two categories

  1. Online activities (ONA): this means for carrying out these activities you need to stop the machine
  2. Offline activities (OFA): these can be done without stopping the machine.

Now see we have to reduce ONA as much as possible to reduce the setup change time. Like actual wheel change on a grinding machine is ONA. For this, I can keep the wheel completely statically balanced so that online I don’t waste time.

Similarly, try to convert maximum ONA onto OFA.

Systematically study the complete setup change cycle and break it down into steps. Then identify every step as either ONA or OFA.

As a next step try to convert maximum ONA into OFA and see ultimately the setup change time reduces.

See how simple it is.


Ulhas Pujari