Man-machine balancing - Ulhas pujari
Man-machine balancing – Ulhas pujari

Don’t get bog down by these words.. like Man machine balancing. These are very simple to understand …

Clearly, there are two things in this ie Man and other is Machine.

This is applicable wherever multiple machines are running simultaneously, and many operators are working at the same time.

The basis of this concept is whenever a machine is loaded with a job then for next few minutes or seconds if the cycle is running the operator is idle. So man-machine balancing concept tries to utilize this idle man for loading or running another machine.

Consider 4 machines are to be run and 2 operators are available. See that within the cycle time of one machine if the other machines loading unloading can accommodate then ask one operator to run two machines at a time.

So the man-machine balancing in above case becomes one operator running 2 machines and the other operator running another 2 machines. This gives rise to multi machining also.


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