Efficiency- Ulhas Pujari
Efficiency- Ulhas Pujari

Don’t get bog down by these words, like Efficiency. These are very simple to understand …

The very first thing to understand is that the efficiency of

  1. Machining setup is calculated by OEE.
  2. Assembly setup is calculated Efficiency of line or Productivity of line.

In this blog, we will discuss on Efficiency of an assembly line.

Efficiency = Output/Input

For assembly, the output is nothing but the work produced ie the work content in time units for the said output units. Like if 100 cars are produced from assembly line with work content of each car of app 10 hours (600 minutes) then the output is 100X600=60,000 minutes.

Here input is man minutes used on the assembly line, like if 120 operatives are used for producing these 100 cars for one shift of 480 minutes then input used becomes  120X480= 72,000 minutes.

So now output=60,000 minutes

And input=72,000 minutes.

So the efficiency of this line becomes= Output/Input

= 60,000/72,000


See how simple it is.


Ulhas Pujari