Don’t get bog down by these words, like Cellular manufacturing. These are very simple to understand.

In 1980’s across manufacturing sector machines were arranged in a club or group of machines like milling machines together, grinding machines together and then jobs used to move from one set of machines to another. Ie the machines were arranged as per operations.

IN 1990’s cellular manufacturing concept started. Here machines were arranged as per the product line. Like all machines for producing crankshaft were placed together, all machines for producing Cylinder block were kept together. This is called as cellular manufacturing setups or cells.

cellular manufacturing-Ulhas pujari
cellular maufacturing-Ulhas pujari

Benefits of cellular manufacturing.

  1. Machines are arranged as a group for producing a particular product so line monitoring becomes easy
  2. Material flow becomes easy and smooth, inside the cell and from one cell to other cells also.
  3. Multi machining ie one operator running multiple machines becomes possible.
  4. Inventory reduction.
  5. Line efficiency goes up as stoppage of any machine stops all machines so all support departments are forced to work efficiently.

So let’s implement this.

See how simple it is.


Ulhas Pujari