PFD stands for Process Flow Diagram.
In layman’s language the flow of material in a process mostly indicates the PFD.
Stand near any process and see how material is moving from raw material stage to FG. Just by observation you can chalk down a PFD.
Lets take example : we have called some guests in the evening for dinner. Wife started cooking food and as always I was trying to help her out with whatever possible work. Being from manufacturing field I was trying to show my expertise. Wife asked me if you are so expert can you ensure that food is really nice and no mistake is done, this is possible with a PFMEA. PFD is the initial stage for making PFMEA.

Process flow diagram-UlhasPujari
Process flow diagram-Ulhas Pujari

For every product there will be separate PFD. Lets take example of rice.
Process Flow Diagram for Rice.
1. Take correct quantity of rice.
2. Clean it.
3. Rinse it.
4. Put it in a proper container and add sufficient water.
5. Put it in a Pressure cooker.
6. After 3 whistles put the gas on seam.
7. Wait for 10 minutes and shut it off.
8. Open pressure cooker after some time and rice is ready for serving.

This PFD is helpful in implementing PFMEA also for planning tools, tackles, for material feeding plan, for operator movement and many such uses.
So see how simple it is to make PFD.


Ulhas Pujari