MTTR stands for Mean Time To Repair.

MTTR-Ulhas Pujari
MTTR-Ulhas Pujari

We have understood what is MTTR in last blog.
This time lets see how we can improve upon the same.
These are the terms used basically by maintenance team in your organization and basically shows the performance of machines and in turn of the maintenance team.
MTTR : Mean Time To Repair : This is a simple average of the time taken for repairing machines. Like in a month if there are five breakdowns and maintenance team in all took 10 hours for repairing the same (ie machines were down for total 10 hours ) then MTTR is = 10/5= 2 Hours.
MTTR must be as low as possible.
As logically one can see below steps will definitely help in improving MTTR of a plant.
1. Keep panel keys for electrical panel on the panel itself.
2. Keep small tools like allen keys, spanners, screw drivers etc in every cell (ie group of few machines).
3. Maintenance team must sit in the centre of the work area.
4. Attend all maintenance calls on top priority. Give staggered lunch time to all maintenance team members so as to ensure there availability always.
5. Give staggered weekly off’s all maintenance team members so as to ensure there availability always.
6. Keep drawings and manuals in the electrical panel itself.
7. Keep all mechanical drawings, hydraulic diagram in the almirah in the maintenance area preferably in the centre of working area.
8. Don’t insist on breakdown memo prior to attending. You may register this after finishing your job.
9. Put a red alert lamp with a hooter in every cell to alert maintenance team for any breakdown.
See how simple it is…


Ulhas Pujari