MTBF stands for Mean Time Between Failures.
We have understood what is MTBF in last blog.
This time lets see how we can improve upon the same.
These are the terms used basically by maintenance team in your organization and basically shows the performance of machines and in turn of the maintenance team.
MTBF : Mean Time Between Failures : This is the time between two failures ie during this time machines were up and running. Suppose in a month there are 5 breakdowns. Suppose total working hours available in a month were = 10 machines X 2 shift working (16 hours) X 25 days working = 10X16X25= 4000 Hours were available for production. In this there were 5 breakdowns so the MTBF becomes = 4000/5=800 hours. This means machines are on average put together are running for 800 hours before next failure.
MTBF should be as high as possible.
As logically one can see below steps will definitely help in improving MTBF of a plant. Simply put MTBF is a indicator of how healthy are your machines.

MTBF-Ulhas Pujari
MTBF-Ulhas Pujari

1. Preventive Maintenance schedule : A thorough PM and a real PM not just ticking up the excel sheets is MUST. My suggestion is make this schedule crisp don’t write too many points and then it remains only on paper. So take only few points but see it is followed regularly.
2. 90% of your breakdowns can be prevented by taking care of two points.
a. Cleanliness of machine and proper electrical panel temperature.
b. Proper lubrication to all mechanical parts.
Try these two things and you can see your maintenance team relaxing.
3. In addition to Preventive maintenance start doing Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) : If you hear a abnormal sound of a belt from machine, stop and rectify it, do not wait for breakdown..
4. TPM : Total Productive Maintenance is a key for achieving zero breakdowns. I’ve detailed blog on TPM.

So see how simple it is to improve MTBF of your plant.


Ulhas Pujari